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Archive: September 2003

Happy Days!

I would just like to take a moment and say that I absolutely love my new job! I actually can’t wait to go to work—it’s that cool. I think that Kevin is also relieved that I’ve found something that is so rewarding, because now I won’t pout when I come home from work. He’s been so supportive over the last few months while I’ve been jobless, and I am soooo lucky to have him! Now, though, I’m a little tired, and I need to go find out what went on in the world today. Have a fabulous weekend!

I Remember

I remember the phone ringing.
I remember letting the answering machine pick up.
I remember trying to make sense of the words through a still sleepy haze.
I remember my dog nudging my head.
I remember getting up and going into the living room to turn on the TV.
I remember the shock.
I remember the sadness.
I remember the horror.
I remember being scared.
I remember panicking, and worrying about family and friends.
I remember the fear of not knowing what would come next.
I remember calling my husband.
I remember feeling ashamed that I was glad that my loved ones were safe.
I remember going to see my mother.
I remember driving back home.
I remember the lack of airplanes taking off from the Naval Reserve Base.
I remember my husband coming home early.
I remember holding him and never wanting to let go.
I remember huddling in front of the televison, unable to tear myself away.
I remember crying.
I remember not ever wanting to feel that way again.

Most of all, I remember Kevin going outside to fly the American flag. I remember vowing to sing the national anthem at the top of my lungs whenever it is played, instead of quietly humming along or mouthing the words in trepidation and faint embarrasment that someone would overhear and criticize my lack of vocal talent. And I remember feeling superior to those who have tried, and will continue to try, to defeat us.
God Bless America.
More importantly, God Bless those who gave their lives to save us that day.
Please say a prayer for our troops abroad today. Stop by your local firehouse or police station to say thank you. The world is a different place than it was a short two years ago, but the heroes who fight for us every day are the same.
As for today, I will remember feeling strong. I will remember to say hello to my neighbors. I will remember my personal vow not to turn September 11 into an excuse for a barbecue or a long weekend, like so many other holidays. And I will never, ever take the people who love me for granted.
In Rememberance

A Moment In Time

When you think about it, September 11th has crept up on us rather quietly this year. Sure, there have been gentle reminders, and an occasional news story, but unlike last year, there hasn’t been much hype. We haven’t heard of increased security measures, as far as we know there are no imminent threats to our safety, and still, we pause to remember the day our lives, our way of life, changed forever.
I started blogging on September 12, 2001. I needed the outlet, and I was fairly confident that no one would ever bother to read what I wrote; therefore, no one but my husband would be privy to my thoughts and feelings. Now, two years later, I am surrounded by others who share their thoughts in the same way. Some of you I have been fortunate enough to meet face-to-face, while others remain steadfast companions connected only by the miracle of information transfer over phone lines. I never imagined that I would find such a strong network of friendship and support when I began this journey on the twelfth of September, and I believe that this is but one example of how lives were touched and changed by horrible events. People began to open up to one another, and neighbors, friends, and family were no longer taked for granted. Pride has been re-instilled in every American, and we proudly fly our flags from our rooftops every day, not just Memorial Day and the 4th of July.
This year, I am choosing to be thankful for the blessings in my life. I will honor the memories of those who lost their lives. I will call my mother and tell her I love her. I will hold my husband close. I’ll give my dogs extra smooches. But most of all, I will remember, along with the millions of others whose hearts have yet to heal.
My two-year blogiversary is in two days, but it is not something I get excited about (last year’s blogiversary went completely unnocticed by me), since it was born out of pain and confusion. What I do celebrate is the community of people by whom I continue to be humbled and awed through their kind thoughts and words. Things will be quiet around our house tomorrow. We probably won’t turn on the television much, and we won’t really be talking. Tomorrow is for reflection on events past, and gratitude for blessings present.

Just A Note

Variations on the Kanon by Pachelbel, as played by George Winston, just might be my favorite piece ever. Come to think of it, I guess that makes sense, since it was this particular piece that was played at my wedding. Don’t get me wrong: all performances of the Kanon are beautiful; this one simply surpasses them all. If you haven’t heard it, shame on you. You forget you’re listening to Pachelbel, and just get lost in the phenomenal piano solo. When I was still playing the piano (sorry, Mom—I swear we’ll move it out to our house one of these days) I wanted to be George Winston. He has an amazing ability to transform every piece of music into something beyond normal comprehension. George Winston rocks my world.

Happy Birthday!!!!

To Peppermint Tina! I know it’s a day late, but as they say, better late than never. Hope you had a faboo birfday!


We started moving Grandmother today. She will be staying in a skilled nursing facility, and we had to begin distributing her things among the family. Everything has to go, or risk being sold in a massive garage sale. Needless to say, there were some members of the family who were in a feeding frenzy over the home theater equipment and such, but all I really wanted was the stuff that had sentimental value. There was so much that I couldn’t believe nobody wanted: pictures, paintings that she did, furniture that my grandfather made….I made sure that all the good stuff stayed with me, since I’m sure that one day I’ll be able to tell the stories to my children. All in all, it was cool to see and hear about their lives and to reminisce a little, but it was also odd and a little heartbreaking to watch a whole life be divvied up among the highest bidders.
The day before my wedding, my grandmother gave me my grandfather’s wedding band, which I have not removed since. It’s like my direct link to my own personal guardian angel in heaven. The things I brought home with me tonight, along with the furniture pieces that my grandpa made, all have an incredible amount of meaning, and they will be a legacy for my children. Still, though, it’s awfully hard to watch a lifetime of memories be boxed up and distributed.

My New Favorite Movie

Sure, I’ve seen it before, but it’s just one of those movies that gets better and better each time you see it. Tonight, Kevin and I watched About A Boy for the third (or quite possibly the fourth) time. I love this movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, GO GET IT NOW!!!!!! Even if you don’t like BritComs, you’ll love this film. The actors (yes, even Hugh Grant) are impeccable. The direction is flawless. The dialogue is delivered geniously. Now go watch it, and tell me I’m wrong.


To the previous post. It was indeed good, but my ass sure is whipped. Who thought 11 hour days were a good idea?

And On

And on the 62nd day, He said:
And there was. And it was good.

Nothing To Say

That’s right. I have nothing of any importance to say today, but to keep you entertained/enlightened, I offer you this and this. I need the first, as I’m sure Kevin would readily admit, and the second is kind of a let down after the Discovery Channel special. Have fun, and enjoy your Labor Day!




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