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Archive: April 2008

File Under Things Only I Could Do

I have a shameful confession to make: I am the most accident-prone person I know. I secretly think that Kevin is terrified that people will think he beats me since, at any given time, I have multiple cuts and bruises. The running joke between the two of us is that I can manage to hurt myself just sitting still on the sofa (in fact, I have….don’t ask). I have pulled muscles, given myself hematomas, sliced my lip open on a broken glass (which required 8 stitches), and torn up both of my knees. I have a talent for unintentional self-injury. And it’s not that I’m careless (quite the opposite, actually. When you’re as prone to accidents as I am, you tend to be super-careful).

So last night, I was peeling and cutting up potatoes for dinner. Since I cut my finger pretty badly last week, I was being overly-cautious. Now, even though I cut myself from time to time (what cook doesn’t?), I have pretty decent knife skills. I use good, sharp knives, and I hold the knife the right way, making sure I choke up on the neck of the blade so I have maximum control. Herein lies my problem.

Halfway through the job, I felt like I might be getting a blister at the base of my index finger, since that’s where the top of the blade was rubbing. I ignored it for a little bit, and then I felt a sharper pain. I looked down, and lo and behold, I am gushing blood. It seems that the top of the knife (not the blade, but the top of the tang) managed to slice the base of my finger pretty badly. This is definitely something only I could manage to do.

I’m So Proud

Pretty much everybody knows that I buy bottled water every week, since I can’t stomach the stuff from the tap. We went to a different store yesterday, though, and they didn’t have our usual brand of water, so I picked up the least of the remaining evils Nestle Pure Life.

Last night, just before he got in bed, Kevin opened one of the new bottles. He made a terrible face and immediately said “This tastes nasty!”. It would seem that after YEARS of mocking me about my water preferences, something has finally begun to sink in. I couldn’t be any prouder. {{sniff}}

Rain Rain Go Away

We’ve had 4 inches of rain in the last 24 hours, and the forecast is calling for at LEAST another 2. Needless to say, the pool’s full. It’s funny how you get used to the endlessly sunny days and forget all about spring storms and nasty weather.

Spring In Florida

Feels like summer in Texas. The good news is that my tan is coming on in full force. By the time we go to the Bahamas, I’ll look like I was born a beach bunny (minus the bikini body).




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