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Tornadoes and the Mavs

Ok. First: How weird is it that I spent about 20 minutes today trying to figure out where our “tornado safe room” would be? I have lived my entire life with a tornado plan; now I only have to worry about the random hurricane, and let’s face it: it’s not the same thing. Those of you who live in Tornado Alley know what I’m talking about.

Second: It’s SO. WRONG that it’s 10:30 and the Mavs game is just now starting. And they’re playing Golden State, so you KNOW I want to watch it, if only to see how Dirk does (since he failed us so miserably in the Playoffs last summer).

I think I’d rather worry about tornadoes than how the Mavericks will fare against the Warriors.

I *Heart* the Mavs!!!!!

We’re so totally gonna win tonight. And that’s all I have to say about that. Oh, and I love Mark Cuban, too.

GO MAVS!!!!!

And that’s all I have to say about that.

The Mavericks’ Worst Mistake?

I’ll keep this brief, since Kevin already had to listen to me lament about what I think is a terrible decision for the Dallas Mavericks, but here’s a link to the Dallas Morning News article about the impending loss of Devin Harris. I’m torn up about Diop, too (not so much about Stackhouse, even though we’re getting him back). But c’mon. Devin Harris? Why ya gotta trade Devin Harris? He’s the powerhouse that kept the Mavs alive for as long as they were in the playoffs last year {sarcasm} (yeah, thanks for that, Dirk) {/sarcasm}. He’s dependable. He’s talented. And now he’s going to New Jersey. Damn it.

Rule #76: Play Like a Champion

We had a great time at the Mavs game tonight. Dirk was a bit of a disappointment, but I don’t think I’ve really forgiven him for last year’s playoffs. Terry and Howard were on fire, and they pretty much won the game by themselves. I’ve gotta admit that it’s hard to root against the home team, and I have to give a little hat tip to the Magic, who played a great game. Heck, they even almost caught up in the third period, but the Jet pulled us through. There were a couple of uncomfortable moments when I probably cheered a little too loud for the Mavs, and we got a couple of looks from the people sitting near us, but we did see a few #41 jerseys… It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE Mavericks fan…Even in the 90’s when they sucked I still loved them. If we can manage it, I’d like to see all of their games when they’re in town.

So. If you’re back at home, try to get to AAC to see them play. If you’re not in Dallas, tune in and watch on TV. This is one hell of a team, and even if you don’t like basketball, you won’t be disappointed. Finally, GO MAVS!!!!

Pick Me! Pick Me!

I’m desperately trying to win Mavs tickets for either Game 6 or Game 7. Maybe I should have tagged Camille or Kevin, since they both seem to be exceptionally lucky. Mark Cuban: If you’re listening, I really, really really want to go, so if you could just go ahead and send me some tickets, I’d really appreciate it, mmmmk?

Greetings from Captain Slack-Ass

Yep. I’m a blog slacker. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s simply that I’m too busy to say it. OND is here (October, November, December), and in the world of retail, well, it IS my world. We have found time for some fun stuff, too: I took him to a Mavs game the other night, and today I ran over to Toys R Us to pick up a gift for a birthday party this weekend. Currently, I’m in the process of baking 4 dozen Fudgy Peanut Butter Bites for said party (hands off, Kev). I’m behind on Tivo, I made a doctor’s appointment, we picked out new flooring, I need to go vote, since I won’t have time on November 2nd, and I have to work for the next 6 days. Uh-huh. That about sums it up.

Speaking of slackers…..What’s he doing home today?




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